The Art1stTeam is proud and delighted to announce that we have won the Spirit of the Time award at the QiC Diabetes Awards ceremony, which was held online on October 15th, 2020. The judges said:-

"ArT1st created something quite special and different in a very challenging environment. The work was started in 2019 to prepare a conference and then they showed true adaptability and commitment by reacting to the COVID-19 situation, changing to an inspiring virtual platform which provided people with diabetes much needed support during lockdown. The judges thought this entry should be recognised with “the Spirit of the Time” award."

We are proud and delighted that our work was recognised, but more importantly, we are proud that the talents, efforts and resilience of the Type One community during this difficult year were recognised in this way



The spotlight is blue....and shines on you!

ArT1st - CreaT1ve in the #T1meofCOVID

This website was set up in January to promote an event originally planned for June 2020 to celebrate and showcase the many artistic talents of those living with Type One Diabetes in the UK

Since we re-launched the project as an online showcase during the time of social distancing and isolation, we have seen some wonderful examples of the creaT1ve talents of the Type 1 diabetes community in art, photography, music, crafts, dance, poetry and drama.

We are now taking a break, but please do send in your #creaT1ons to #ArT1st up until midnight on 30th May 2020. We will feature and share all of these contributions (and ones sent in so far) in the following keep your eyes 👀 open for yours! 

The pandemic will be a time point in global history and CreaT1ve in the #T1meofCOVID will be their legacy for the future, as well as a trailer for the future ArT1st event.

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